Monday, November 9, 2009

WOW! My son got a new car...the hard way!

Well, the boy was driving with a friend to come join me at my office and do some work over Fall Break! When out of the blue another driver turns left ....right into him! As you can see by the pictures it was a serious accident. Kilter ended up with loss of short term memory for awhile and still to this day does not remember his accident. His passenger had a ruptured spleen and had emergency surgery. She is doing well now. Thank the Lord they are both okay now!

At first Farmers Insurance wanted to make Kilter 20% liable for the accident....I guess because he could not avoid it or maybe just because he was there....but we talked them down to only 10% at first....then we got the POLICE report!! Well, it states he was driving BELOW the speed limit and the picture and diagram of the accident clearly show that Kilter tried to avoid and swerve away from the other driver but the other car was just on top of him too fast! With the evidence showing the other driver was clearly at fault we disputed it with Farmers and they agreed to accept 100% liability and voided the original 10 %....which is excellent!

With Kilters car having so much damage the insurance company said it was a "total" loss and cut us a check for the vehicle. It will take a few months to settle the injury claim. But at least we can replace the car at this point.

Kilter REALLY wanted an older we shopped around for awhile and finally found a purchased a 1988 BMW is in excellent condition. We only paid $1400 for the car which left Kilter a couple hundred dollars of insurance money to use to fix up little issues on the new car. What a deal! We brought Uncle Jo over to get his seal of approval and now are very happy with the purchase. Of course being old it needs some TLC but mechanically it is excellent and just needs minor fixes. It looks very nice parked in front of the house....makes us look

These are pictures for you to see the car....let me know what you think...

It is a very sexy "luxor beige metallic" color.


Now thats a car to keep awhile!

What a beauty! He named her Briana....