Monday, April 27, 2009

Apollo High School Prom 2009

OMG! They grow up sooo fast! These are few pics of my son and his girlfriend/friends before they went to PROM!!!! Can't believe how fast they grow up! Kilter (my son) is the tall one....the little red head is his girlfriend and the other girl is her best friend/boyfriend.

I thought I would post these pics to brag about what a handsome boy we have!!! If you have kids be warned....they get this age in a blink of an eye! OMG...he will be going to college sooner than I know it!!! YIKES!!! Mom is just not ready for all this! But I am proud!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A great opportunity to help children

I got the following email from Mary at the Phoenix Children's Project. I know a lot of you helped out at Christmas and maybe you would want to help out some more......Thanks. Karen.

From: Mary / Phoenix Children's Project
Sent: Friday, April 17, 2009 1:27 PM
Subject: Still Needed Birthday Club Sponsors

Hello everyone,
Just want to let you know if you are interested, we still need birthday sponsors for the following kids:
2 - Jorge / Boy / 9 yrs / #119
10 - Maria / Girl / 11 yrs / #117
19 - Victor / Boy / 11 yrs / #82
20 - Miguel / Boy / 6 yrs / #103
20 - Carina / Girl / 14 yrs / #105B
23 - Elizabeth / Girl / 10 yrs / #105
27 - Leslie / Girl / 7 yrs / #163
29 - Claudia / Girl / 6 yrs / #66
31 - Rudy / Boy / 15 yrs / #122

2 - Maria / Girl / 14 yrs / #4
4 - Marco / Boy / 17yrs / #82
4 - Luis / Boy / 3 yrs / #82
8 - Jose / Boy / 10 yrs / #119
13 - Felipe / Boy / 13 yrs / #68
19 - Bianca / Girl / 15 yrs / #68

As a sponsor, you will be responsible for providing and delivering a new, wrapped gift(s), cake and candles to your sponsored child on his/her birthday.

The cake can be home-made or store bought. Please keep gift between $20 - $40. Recommended gift is a toy. We provide clothes and shoes for them so their birthday gift from you should be fun. We can give you gift suggestions if you’d like.

If you’d like to be a birthday sponsor, please contact Kay Grimmett, Phx Children’s Project Board Member, at ; she will provide you with details
Your gift is 100% tax deductible.
THANK YOU for your consideration (and for ALL you do for us!) !!!
Mary FrielingPhoenix Children's
501(c))3 tax exempt organization
voice mailbox (to leave messages only):
(602) 955-2228
(602) 224-0547 (fax)
mailing address (not physical address):3219 E. Camelback Rd #228Phoenix, AZ 85018

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My New Job

I am very happy to announce that I am the newest member of our training instructional design department group.

I have been hoping to get involved in instructional design for a little over a year now. I had my first experience a couple of years back when I was working with another designer on a course that I was responsible for. I asked if I could learn a little of it and I really enjoyed it.

Since then I have been trying to help our ID group on small projects when they have need and I have available time to dedicate. Most recently I was assigned to a small project that went very well and received great feedback. That helped me to get the job full time.

This was my 3rd attempt. Each time I went through the interview process I felt good about my performance but those that were hired before me for the 1st two positions were also excellent choices.

I guess 3's a charm. This time I preped for several hours and received coaching from a couple of the managers in my department. As soon as the interview was over I knew that I nailed it and was offered the job the next day.

One unique situation about this job is that I will be working in a different state from the rest of my team. I am in Phoenix while my team is based in Cleveland.

I have been in Cleveland this whole week meeting my new supervisor and my new team. I feel really lucky. My new boss seems really cool and I feel like I have already been accepted as part of the team.

Well, Monday morning when I'm back home I should be able to hit the ground running. We have lots of projects underway and I've already been given my 1st assignment.

Looking forward to it. I'll try to keep you posted as I learn the new job.