Friday, February 27, 2009

Phoenix Childrens Project FOLLOW-UP

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to post some very sweet letters...they are from the 3 girls that my Brownie troop and the fabulous people at James' office sponsored for Christmas...

It is obvious that we may have given them the best Christmas they have ever had! Read the following letters and you will get a warm fuzzy feeling ......for being a wonderful person!

Thank you for helping this family out!

Letter from Anna Marie............

Letter from

Letter from Adrianna .................................

Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things About Me.

25. I'm 40 years old but my brain thinks it's 30

24. My life was going in the wrong direction before I met my wife

23. I love to paint. I love it more when people love my paintings

22. I hate chewy gummy candy

21. I believe Metallica revolutionized Heavy Metal music

20. I qualified as an expert rifleman on the M-16. No small feat.

19. I am very shy

18. I act outragous to cover up my shyness

17. I've owned about 20 different vehicles

16. I've been in about 10 different car wrecks. Mostly all my fault.

15. I don't speak Spanish, even though I was raised by a native born Puerto Rican.

14. I'm very judgemental, in my head

13. I love animals. All animals.

12. I can't imagine my life without dogs

11. I have come to realize that my career has nearly peaked. This may be the best it ever gets. I'm OK with that but I'll keep striving.

10. I sometimes pick on people close to me just for the interaction

9. I'm proud to be an ASU Alum

8. I think text messaging is one of the best forms of communication yet invented

7. I hate talking on the telephone.

6. I am an American patriot, if you're not you suck.

5. My mother is still a very big part of my life

4. I always have a plan in my head. I usually don't share the plan in my head

3. My children are the center of my universe

2. I rely on Sheboss for almost everything. My household couldn't function without her.

1. My life is wonderful. I'm so thankful for that. I can't imagine a whole lot that could make it any better.