Thursday, October 30, 2008

Calm Dragonfly

Calm Dragonfly is my most recent painting.

I started by creating an abstract background that I felt could stand alone as a painting and then added the dragonfly. After I painted the wings with a pink/metallic silver color I rubbed the paint off so only slight traces remain.

I'm liking these types of paintings. What do you think, should I do more like this?

Calm Dragonfly

Election Talk


I have a Facebook account. I notice all my Facebook friends have been going off for weeks about Obama in Facebook It's a total love fest and it scares me. I usually try to avoid polictical talk at work, home, or anywhere because I am passionate about it. In this case I felt all the comments were so one sided that I had to comment.

I posted a Facebook status that said "I am worried about next Tuesday because I don't want the terrorist collaborator to win." Only stating facts.

Suddenly I get ganged up on. Everyone is responding to the post like I'm some kind of radical.
Why is it that I could say anything negative about McCain or Palin and people cheer. Whatever you do, don't take the newly annointed Lord of America's name in vain.

Honestly I am truly concerned about having a goverment completely controlled by any one party. Who's going to keep the Congress in check if not the President and vica versa.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Black Butterfly

This one is called Black Butterfly.

This is way outside my norm. All this color is not my style but I wanted to try something a little different. I am trying very hard to push my comfort zone but it is difficult.

I started by layering the colors. I tried three or four different patterns before I settled on these arcs. Then I created the semi-transparent black boarder. I taped out and painted the transparent white box in the middle. Finally, I searched the internet for a good butterfly picture. This is a swallowtail. I freehanded the butterfly in pencil and then filled it in with the black.

The goal for for the strong contrast. The normally very colorful butterfly is black and the background is instead very bright.

I like it quite a lot and hope you do too.

Black Butterfly

Friday, October 3, 2008


I decide to paint Red when I was watching TV. I was watching some show and the characters were getting on an elevator. The back wall of the elevator was painted in various shades of red. I thought it would make a good painting so here it is.