Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My new TATTOO....better late than never....

Well, okay, so waaaayy back in March I said I was getting a new tattoo...and I did! I just never got around to posting it on the blog! Sorry. But SOMEONE finally complained to me so I thought I better get it done.

Sorry the picture is not better, but I think you can see it okay.

It did hurt A LOT!! Enough that I will have to really think twice before getting a tattoo on the other foot. Luckily it did not take toooo long....I sat really still so he could do it quickly and get it over with.

The artist that did the tattoo was "Wookie" at Club Tattoo and he free handed the drawing then filled in the tattoo. It was a little scary being the first free handed drawing...usual they draw up design, make a stencil for me to approve and THEN stick it on me. I am extremely pleased with the design!

Let me know what you think.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Is "GIVING" important to you? It is to us...

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick note to say Merry Christmas! This year we O'Donnell's sponsored a 16 year old boy through the Phoenix Children's Project. I asked the director of PCP if there was a demographic of kids that usually are not sponsored and do you believe she said teenagers (well being the mother of one I understand that one) but also over weight kids. Now, the only way you know they are over weight is by comparing their age and sizes...you dont see a picture of the kid. How terrible is that!!! Many over weight kids have no control over it, maybe it is a genetic or physiological problem. Anyhow, I was assigned a teen age boy and I enjoyed getting him a complete outfit....underpants, sock, shoes....everything! Hopefully I selected well, as I know teens can be very picky. I included the gift receipts just in case. I also gave him some "fun" stuff in the form of video games he asked Santa for....I think he will be happy.

In addition to this we sponsored a family. Last year we got my husbands office involved in PCP also. This year someone in the office brought to our attention a family where both parents of 5 kids got laid off and where in need. We decided to sponsor them too. With the help of the office and my mother-in-law, we are able to provide presents for the entire family....including the parents!

I have done a lot of shopping this year and it feels good that it was to help people in need to have a great Christmas! This family does not have any "gaming" systems...and they all wanted a PS2 (which is only sold used now). Well, as it turns out my family has 2 of them, I thought one was broken and bought a 2nd from a carport sale. Well, as it turned out we just did not have the 1st one connected correctly and it was fine. So, my son got to put the extra one in his bedroom. He was nice enough to donate HIS system with a few of his own games to this family! My daughter donated some of her games too! Now that is family participation...makes a mom all warm and cuddly inside! We also provided presents from each kids wish list, so this will be one VERY happy family!!

If you do not participate in something like this, I encourage you to begin. Just donating money is always appreciated but I have to say it is much more satifying to actually do the leg work, then wrap and deliver the presents! My daugher especially enjoys helping me wrap! We try to make it a family affair so even the kids get the joy of giving during the season. A life lesson that I personally feel many "adults" still need to learn or maybe just need to reconnect to.

Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Share a comment of what you do to share joy through the holidays, I would love to hear new ideas too!