Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things About Me.

25. I'm 40 years old but my brain thinks it's 30

24. My life was going in the wrong direction before I met my wife

23. I love to paint. I love it more when people love my paintings

22. I hate chewy gummy candy

21. I believe Metallica revolutionized Heavy Metal music

20. I qualified as an expert rifleman on the M-16. No small feat.

19. I am very shy

18. I act outragous to cover up my shyness

17. I've owned about 20 different vehicles

16. I've been in about 10 different car wrecks. Mostly all my fault.

15. I don't speak Spanish, even though I was raised by a native born Puerto Rican.

14. I'm very judgemental, in my head

13. I love animals. All animals.

12. I can't imagine my life without dogs

11. I have come to realize that my career has nearly peaked. This may be the best it ever gets. I'm OK with that but I'll keep striving.

10. I sometimes pick on people close to me just for the interaction

9. I'm proud to be an ASU Alum

8. I think text messaging is one of the best forms of communication yet invented

7. I hate talking on the telephone.

6. I am an American patriot, if you're not you suck.

5. My mother is still a very big part of my life

4. I always have a plan in my head. I usually don't share the plan in my head

3. My children are the center of my universe

2. I rely on Sheboss for almost everything. My household couldn't function without her.

1. My life is wonderful. I'm so thankful for that. I can't imagine a whole lot that could make it any better.

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La Coquita said...

26. You are the greatest son in the whole universe.