Friday, May 23, 2008


I'm happy it's Friday.
I work as a trainer teaching insurance adjusters how to appraise property damage on vehicles. It's alot of fun. I really enjoy the work. I get students from all over the country coming here to learn this stuff. The coolest part is all the different personalities. I also have several cool co-workers who are great to work with. It's not often in life that you find a job that you really like. I've spend alot of time working at jobs that were fine but never before have I looked forward to going to work in the morning.

It's raining pretty good today. I live in Phoenix and we don't get alot of rain. For that reason we really love rainy days. Anytime the weather report says something other than sunny and hot we get excited. Earlier this week the highs were close to 110. Today it's only going to be 73. That's more than a 30 degree change in two days. I know 73 sound nice to most of you but today I wore my long sleeve work sheet (I only have one) and a jacket over that because I was down right cold.

If you've ever been to Phoenix you know that traffic is horrible here. Mostly due to bad drivers or rude drivers. Most people here are from somewhere else. For those reasons you don't want to drive on I-10 through downtown at rush hour when it rains. Those drivers that have lived here awhile are terrified of wet roads to they drive 25 mph on the freeway. The other half of the drivers moved here from somewhere where it rains or snows alot. Those are the worst because they drive 85 mph on the freeway at rush hour,
"This aint nothing, I'm used to driving in 2 feet of snow".
The problem becomes, due to lack of rain, when it does rain all the oil in the road floats to the top and the roads get as slick as ice. Avoid driving in Phoenix when it rains if you can.

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