Thursday, May 22, 2008

Goodbye To Honey The Cheetah

I'm a big fan of the BBC TV show Big Cat Diary on Animal Planet. I'm not sure why but it totally fascinates me. I can't get enough of the Ridge Pride and the Marsh Pride of lions. I also like following the leopards. Most of all I enjoy the cheetahs. Especially when they show the cheetahs with cubs. The cheetah that is the biggest star of the show is Honey. The situations they've shown her involved in and her bravery, resolve, and knowledge make her a supermom. Unfortunately I recently ran across a news article announcing that Honey the cheetah has died, and not of natural causes.
When I watch the show I am always prepared that there will be animals being killed due to the harsh life they lead. I can accept that. What I don't feel good about is these animals surviving all the natural trial of their lives and then succumbing to a death at the hands of a human.
We'll miss you Honey.


Rebecca said...


How sad! It really frustrates me too when animals die due to human negligence. Poor Honey! Hopefully they'll learn from this awful mistake and make sure it's not repeated in the future.


the wife said...

BUmmer. Especially sad becuz human error. Breaks my heart.