Friday, June 20, 2008

Anyone have a dog?

This is our oldest puppy...

The left is our newest puppy and the right is our obsessive Queensland Prima Dona...

We have 3 dogs. They are like having 3 extra children. Our oldest dog is soooo ooold that his teeth are getting bad enough that I now have to bite a grape in half and then feed it to him!! Spoiled! I have recently discovered that if you freeze grapes and eat them frozen they are wonderful. Me and the dogs have become addicted to them. I cant eat them without sharing with the dogs....just cant resist those sad little eyes pleading with me.

One dog is a Queensland Mix. Boy, is she bossy. She is a cattle dog that loves rounding up the other dogs. She is obsessive about it. I feel bad the the smallest and oldest dog. She pesters him to no end.

The third dog is another mix. They said he was a Queensland mix too, but I dont know if they were right. He has Queensland spots but other than that is is much more mild tempered.

Does anyone else have dogs? I love Dobermans and am hoping to get one...just have not found the right one yet. (and Spec4-j keeps saying we dont need 4 dogs) Humbug! He is no fun sometimes.

By the way, originally I was "the wife" now my screen name is "She Boss"....this is because Spec4-j did not like the wife and thought She Boss would be better. It is very fitting...if you know what I mean.

Share pics of your pets with me. I would love to see them.

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