Wednesday, June 11, 2008


On my way to work this morning I was playing my Ride The Lightning CD. You better believe I was good and fired up once I got to the office. That's one thing I love about great Metal music is that it infuses you with energy.

I've been a METAL HEAD for most of my life. Starting with AC/DC of course. Then Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden (there were several hair bands in there as well). Finally I reached the pinnacle with Metallica.

OK, so you can tell I grew up in the 80's. There are a few current bands that are pretty kick ass but those other guys laid the foundation.

Metal is pure energy. I've heard non-metal heads describe it as angry music. There's a little anger in some of it but that's not what it's about and those people totally don't get it. All you have to do is put on Master of Puppets and your head starts moving back and forth involuntarily. You start banging on your steering wheel and stomping you foot on the floorboard. All of this is a little scary for me cause at my age I can't really drive while all this is going on but the result is that I GET PUMPED.

Recently I've done the unfathamable. I started listening to RAP. You heard me, I'm getting into Hip Hop.

There was a long period of time (the entire 1990's) when I gave up on music because none of it really moved me. My son (we'll call him KilterT) is now getting old enough (15 next month) that he is developing his own tastes in music. He pretty much likes everything. He seems to like Rap the most.

KilterT has been buying MP3 music like crazy. One day I was driving him to work and he brought a disc that he had burned and asked if he could listen to it on the way. We heard this guy named Cadillac Don singing about his Chevys.

Inside peanut butter outside jelly 7 days of the week 7 different chevys Black SS wit tha top blown off f*** with them boys get ya top blown off

I looked it up on and found out that inside PB means that the interior is tan or beigh and the outside Jelly means it has a candied paint job. Anyway I thought the song was pretty cool.

The next song was called Pop Bottles by The Birdman and Lil Wayne.

Chorus] Chomp with straight shots and then pop bottles, (yea) Flirt with the hood rats thin pop models, (uh huh) Chomp with straight shots and then pop bottles, (yea) Flirt with the hood rats thin pop models, [Birdman] Okay, we poppin champeign like we won a championship game, [Lil Wayne] Look like I got on a championship ring, [Birdman] Cause I ball hard, [Lil Wayne] Notice we ball harder, [Birdman] I am the Birdman, [Lil Wayne] And I'm the J-R-uh,

And I was like "hey, this is cool too". The next song was even better. Chin Check by N.W.A but with Snoop Dogg instead of Eazy-E.

I`m a Nigga Wit an Attitude thanks to y`all. And I don`t give a f**k I keep it gangsta y`all. I`ma ride for my side in the C.P.T. God bless the memory of Eazy-E. If it wadn`t for me where the f**k you`d be? Rappin like the Treacherous Three, f**kin cowards. I`d have seen Dre rockin parties for hours. And I`d have seen Ren f**kin bit*hes from Howard. And I`d have seen Snoop give away Eddie Bauer`s. So f**k Jerry Heller and the white superpowers.

This one was the best of them all. I found my self head-bobbin in the car and bouncing in my seat. KilterT was quite embarrassed that someone would see his nut job father banging out to hip hop, but I really liked it.

I had KilterT burn me an entire disc to keep in my car and now I mix it up between metal and rap.

I guess my point is, whatever music you like, if it moves you and energizes you then that's the whole point right.

What music moves you?

btw, I got the lyrics from

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PoopietheClown said...

The music I like is Southern Metal. Groups like Down, HellYeah, Black Label Society, and Superjoint Ritual. These bands have developed a niche for themselves. Most of the lyrics tend to be about Southern Lifestyles and/or issues that most people in the South might face. Amazingly this style of music is incredibly popular in Europe. These bands are heralded across much of the Asian continent as well.
I do have a few rap cd's. Ex: Any Beastie Boy CD. Also, I was a huge fan of Public Enemy back in the late 80's. ( I completely disagree with any or all of the lyrics). However, the beats are tight and they do make you shake your ass! Either way, I have always felt strongly about music. It is my favorite thing in the entire world. I will leave you with a quote of my own. " Music will move us infinitely".