Tuesday, February 7, 2012

There's no reason to delete my blog.

The other day I was thinking, "You know, I should just close and delete that Brown Street Blog & Gallery. I never really post anything anymore." Well, I decided not to. There's no reason to delete it. Even if I rarely ever post anything, and when I do, it's usually something silly, who cares? It's not like anybody out there is holding their breath for the next posting. And it's not like I'm holding anyone back from achieving their dreams by keeping the blog open.

The main two reasons I had for starting this blog was 1) To say whatever I felt like. and 2) to share my artwork with anyone who cares to see it. Well, I haven't had anything to say lately, but that doesn't mean I never will again. I also haven't painted anything in quite a while, but I still have my easel and brushes. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will strike at some time I don't expect.

As for me lately, life is good as usual. My wife and I hit 20 years of wedded bliss. My son turned 18 and is now living with a girl. My daughter is about to turn 11 and is as beautiful as ever. I also really enjoy my job. I am thinking about buying a motorcycle soon. Probably a big touring bike, like a Goldwing or something. I'll be sure to post a picture when I do.

Anyway, even though I don't blog often, I see no reason to quit altogether. Hope you keep reading.


Anonymous said...
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Yulanda said...

Hey J.O.D.
I was thinking the same thing about deleting my blog since I don't go on anymore. But I have also decided not to delete it right now.

Two things, 1) you need to post the pics of your bike now that you have it. Post the first pics then we can see the transistion of what you are doing with it :-)
2) Congrats on 20 years. I want to be like you when I grow up. James and I are hitting 3 years this year and it seems like a lifetime. But I wouldn't trade it in for the world.

oh I just decided to add another comment :-) Whenever you get back in the painting mood again, I would like for you to paint something for me to put in my photography studio at home. Tell me what you need and let's make it happen.

Thanks for sharing your paintings, silly comments and just things in general. Until next time (post)

Yulanda (YMG)

andy said...

Thank you for sharing some of your experience and wisdom.by Andy and FSN