Monday, July 21, 2008

Do you like tattoos?

Hi all...Just thought I would post a picture of my new tattoo. It is on my right ankle. My mother-in-law and I got tattoos together. They are almost the same....the only difference is she had a small heart put on the chest of her "dragon frog".
Do you ask if it hurt??? HECK YES! Down low on the ankle where there is just skin on bone was a total shock. I had a tattoo before and it did not feel good but this one really hurt. The top half was not as bad as the lower half of the picture.

It all started a few months ago when I saw a picture of a frog with dragon fly wings. It was so pretty I had to send it to her and commented how it was a combination of both of us. I love dragon flies and she loves the the small tree frog found in her native Puerto Rico.

Well, next thing you know she decided she wanted to get a tattoo we scoured the internet to find the perfect picture. We found this little frog on this cool shaped plant....took it to "Quick" (our tattoo guy at Two Kats Tats in Phoenix) and he freehand added the wings. We both just love it!

Most people are surprised that I would get a tattoo with my it is illegal to get along with in-laws. I am very lucky to have a great mom-in-law!!

We were shopping at the mall yesterday and a complete stranger noticed them and complimented them. Of course then she showed us a tattoo she had that she did with her best friend.

We love the bright colors. It is about a week old in this picture and still peeling a tiny bit. It will get even brighter over the next few weeks.

I know some people think I am crazy for getting tattoos. I have two this one and memorial one for my Dad. I know my Dad would like my tattoo for him, but it would have been nice for him to see it. This way doing it while my mother-in-law is alive, we both get to enjoy it! I would have loved if I could have gotten a tattoo with my Dad...that would have been a hoot! I like the idea of putting something permanent on my skin to remind me of the people I love. My next one will most likely be two dragon flies chasing each other. One big and one represent my 2 children. Let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I now love tattoos. I never thought I would be getting one, and probably never will get another one(((PAIN)))), but I love the one I got with my daughter-in-law. Yes I am she, who is lovingly refered to, and the feeling is way out mutual. Wow, I am Blessed and Honored.
La Coquita

La Coquita said...

La Coquita has arrived, and is testing the waters. I just signed on (to blog) so I need to see how it all works. Here it goes. Hello out there!!