Saturday, August 23, 2008

Feed My Starving Children

For a long time we have been saying that we wanted to do some volunteer work as a way to help teach our children compassion for the less fortunate. For whatever reason it was always talk and we never got around to doing it. I am sure you have felt the same at some time in life...right? Well, I recently read an article in the AZ REPUBLIC that talked about a group that packages food and sends to starving children in 3rd world countries. I looked into it and they were going to be doing another event in Tempe in August. I contacted them and put our names on the list.

To my surprise I did not even get and complaints from anyone in the family about doing it. Makes my heart warm to know the kids actually do care about others, when in this day and age seems like most kids are very self centered.

So, last night the family went and volunteered to work for 2 hours. It was actually kind of fun. We put on our hair nets and sanitized our hands and went to work. Basically it was a bunch of tables set up assembly line style. I got the opportunity to scoop ingredients into the bag, hold the bag on the funnel, and weigh the bags. We rotated alot since the kids arms would get tired. Some people sealed the bag with a machine that melted the end of the bag and others put boxes together, refilled supplies, and loaded the boxes. It was pretty easy stuff.

There were about 100 people there. They said that in the 2 hours we worked we put together enough food to feed an orphanage for about a year. I dont remember the exact numbers but it was a pretty good feeling to know it was quite a lot.

If you want to look into doing this you can check out the website will list what state they are going to be in and the dates and locations to sign up.

I think I will probably do this again, only I think I will bring my Girl Scout group to do it.

I hope you get a chance to volunteer and help out others some time too. If you have an organizaion you work with, let me know about. Maybe we can work with them too!

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Dickey Sharpe said...

What a great story. I think that is quite a show of compassion. Well done.