Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Election day is finally here. I'm glad to see it end. Every election cycle I get worn out by all the advertising. You can't watch TV or listen to radio without hearing or seeing some type of election ad.

I also hate all the little signs posted all over town. They don't always go around and pick up their political signage after the election is over. Some of those will be out there for months.

Not only that, much of the advertising is negative. None of us like to hear negative ads whether we support that view or not. The problem is that negative campaining works so it will always be a staple of campains.

I also will be happy to be done with all the political tension everywhere. Some people get real crazy about it. After Clinton was re-elected I learned that this stuff is not life or death. The globe will keep spinning and the birds will keep singing no matter who gets elected president.

After today we'll all get along again...so long as McCain wins.


ML said...

I think this will be closer than I thought, but the suspense is killing me. Just wake me when it's over :)

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Funny...good luck!