Sunday, November 16, 2008


This is called Burst.

I painted the first layer in black. Next I laid out several layers of red and yellow. Where those two colors mixed I got shades of orange. I used a compass to draw the two large circles and outlined the circles with shiny black puff paint. Before the black dried I used a brush to pull it outwards from the circle.

I really like the puff paint. My wife told me about it. She has used it to make Christmas stockings. I tried it and it's really cool. It creates a definite raised area that stays shiny.

I had planned on adding shades of blues to the circles but when I got to this point I decided it was good as is.

Sheboss is in love with this and had me hang it in the living room.



La Coquita said...

I agree with She Boss. It is beautiful, I love it.

The Cuties' Mommy said...

I agree with SheBoss - nice job!

Spec4J said...

Thanks ladies. I'm thrilled that you like it.

Rebecca said...

I really enjoy your paintings and I agree with everyone else this is another awesome one. Keep it up!

Donnie Smith said...

Awesome Painting!