Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Phoenix Children's Project

As many of you know, I am the leader of a Girl Scout Brownie troop. My husband thought I was crazy to do it, but so far it has not been to bad. We are finally getting the hang of how things work.

Well, to teach the girls about giving back to others our troop decided to sponsor a needy girl for Christmas. When I found out that our girl, Anna, had 2 little sister, Jasmine and Adrianna...well I got a BIG surprise!!!.... James talked to people at his office and they decided to sponsor the 2 sisters! YEAH!!!! I am sooo excited! It is wonderful to see that there are people left in the world that actually care about others...even people they dont know.

I have already received some of the items and look forward to being able to deliver them to the family! Our deadline is December 5th ....the troop is going to wrap anything that needs wrapping at our meeting on December 7th.

If you are interested in helping out another child or know someone that might be interested in helping out please pass the following information on so they can participate too:

Phoenix Children's Project, is a 100% NON PROFIT local group that helps LOCAL families. They do not not keep any money for administration etc it ALL 100% goes to the kids and families in need. I especially like that it helps local families...we often think bad things don't happen in our town....but we have a lot of needy families that are struggling right her in our area!

If you want to get additional information on this organization please go to their website: http://www.phoenixchildren.org/

They need help all year long and it does not have to cost a thing...you can donate time as well. I know many of the families that receive aid volunteer time as a way of showing their appreciation for services they receive.

I want to give special thanks to all the girls in my troop and especially to Yulanda, Julie, ML, Rebecca, Carolyn, Keane, Deitra, Steve, James and Cathy at Progressive for taking the ball and running with it to support the other two girls! Together we are going to really make the holidays special for this family. THANKS EVERYONE!!!

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La Coquita said...

She Boss, I always thought you were great, and this action is one of the many proofs that I am right. My hat off to you and all those helping in such a good cause. May Blessings rain on you!!!