Thursday, January 1, 2009

Memorial to Henry

I got a new tattoo for my birthday in November. This tattoo is a picture of my brother Henry.

Henry was three years older than me and all my life was like a God. I wanted to do everything he did, go everywhere he went, be as cool as he was.

This was one of those guys everyone likes. We all know people like that. People just wanted to be around him wherever he went. He was cool, he was fun, and everyone loved him.

Whenever I got into a scrape as a kid all I had to do was mention his name. "Oh, you're Hank's little brother? It's cool then."

Henry died suddenly in 1994. He was 29 years old at the time. My life goes on but it will never be the same. He's not there to talk to when I have things on my mind. He's not there to be an uncle to my children. Who knows what would have been different if he were still alive?

I still meet him in my dreams from time to time. Clear as day. He looks the same as when he was among the living. It really is like he never left until I wake up.

My family isn't big on sharing feelings so we don't mention Henry much. For that reason I've spent the last 14 years not thinking about it.

I felt it was time to start thinking about him again. Time to start remembering. For that reason this tattoo is very important to me.

I included the photograph that was used as reference. The tattoo was done by Terry "Wookie" Hoffman at Club Tattoo on Apache in Tempe. He did a great job. Thanks Wookie!

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La Coquita said...

You have taken my breath away!!!