Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm a real twit...

I'm such a twit (someone who tweets on Twitter).

I haven't blogged in a little bit but I'm very active on Twitter: @az_james

In fact, I'm addicted to it. Talk about a great way to get a big wad of information that is personalized to your interests.

I have it set up like a news ticker using the DestroyTwitter application so it updates every 60 seconds.

I can't even start my day without logging in and checking all the tweets (a post on Twitter) to see if there is anything interesting.

I guess that's a big reason that I haven't been blogging as much. With my role change at work, from Trainer to Instructional Designer, I am much, much busier that I was in the past. I don't really have much time to write a full blog post so I tweet mini blog entries (140 characters or less) instead.

If you follow az_james you'll see mostly RT's (re-tweeting some one else's tweet) of things other twits tweet that interest me.

I like to follow several news twits, sports twits, local twits, learning twits, ID twits, and most of all, political twits.

When I first became a twit I followed only people I know. I then branched out to celebrities and pro athletes. Once I figured out what I was interested in I removed those that didn't talk about things that interest me. I don't care what some movie star is having for lunch. Give me something I can read and care about, or better yet, can learn from.

Now I have found several twits that provide information that actually applies to my life and my work.

In fact, I think Twitter is necessary for me to grow on my job. Really. Consider the cost of going to training classes in this economy. If I find a tweet that provides an article with insight to some new way to provide learning, that's a far better return on investment. On occasion I even find things that are so relevant I email them to my entire team.

Anyway, if your not on Twitter you should be. Whatever your interests, you'll find like minded people on Twitter who will share their knowledge with you. The best part: Its Free.

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